Thursday, February 05, 2015 instructions and tutorials

After entering, you can choose MasterCard categories: in the US, there are English gift cards, loyalty cards in English, Spanish card; there are two cards in English and French in Canada; Puerto Rico (located in the eastern islands of the West Indies) there are English and Spanish regions card two kinds of cards. When you select a card in the future, click enter, enter your card number to view the balance of payments and account balances, and browsing history.

 Click on the red icon to go to the next page for more information, such as the important thing, FAQs, Cardholder Agreement, contact information, and so on. If you need help, then you can contact and customer service representatives, telephone 1-800-680-5941,24 hour online service. MasterCard can relieve you of troubles when shopping and MasterCard with the new global e-commerce solutions that enable cardholders themselves on the Internet via a dedicated code verification, improve the security of online shopping. If you would like more information you can click over SecureCode. If you want to see the terms and gift cards to use, you can refer to the Cardholder Agreement. MasterCard Gift Card is issued by the bank Bancorp Company under the provisions of MasterCard International Inc., must have ITC Financial Licenses or IH Financial Licenses, depending on the country or region of the card is purchased.

Acceptance or use of the card, the cardholder must agree to be bound on with the cardholder agreement, expired cards will be replaced upon request, but the card funds never expire. The cards are available in the District of Columbia, the United States and accept MasterCard debit cards regions. On site service to customers in different regions offer different options, choose Master, you will no worries.

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