Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make A Homemade Trumpet/Bugle

Make A Homemade Trumpet/Bugle

Here's how to make a trumpet out of household items. It sounds just like the real thing, except for the fact that it has no valves.


You will need:

    Small length of garden hose
    Medium sized funnel
    Trumpet mouthpiece (found at any music store) OR use the metal connector at the end
    Duck Tape

Step 1: Prepare hose

Make the hose into a circle. Cut both it's metal head off, and you're ready! Now, tape it as shown in picture 4. If you don't have a mouthpiece, only cut one part off.

Step 2: Funnel and Mouthpiece

Stick the funnel in one end and if necessary, tape it. Do the same with the mouthpiece.

Step 3: Playing

Begin by wetting your lips and press your lips lightly together as if you are about to say "m." Your teeth should be slightly apart. Hold the mouthpiece to the center of your lips, and blow until your lips vibrate. Your lips should be flat and not pursed as in blowing a kiss. Keeping your lips in the same position, move your tongue as if you are about to pronounce the letter "t" (press the tip of your tongue slightly between your teeth without allowing it to stick out of it). Next, slightly withdraw your tongue and simultaneously blow, again creating a vibration. You should just as quickly return your tongue to the "t" position and repeat the steps several times. This movement of the tongue is known as tonguing. Tonguing is important in order to distinctly start and stop between the notes in the music you will be playing. To increase the pitch, you will also need to press your lips more tightly together.
Have fun with your new trumpet/bugle.

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