Friday, June 24, 2022

Die Steuererklärungsfrist in Deutschland für 2021 ist nicht mehr der 31. Juli

 Aufgrund der Auswirkungen der neuen Corona-Epidemie hat die Bundesregierung die Frist für die Steuererklärung angepasst, und die Frist für die Steuererklärung im Jahr 2021 ist nicht mehr der 31. Juli.


Deutsche Steuer – und Prüfungsbehörden können regelmäßig umfassende Steuerprüfungen von Steuerpflichtigen und natürlichen Personen sowie Sonderprüfungen bestimmter Steuern oder bestimmter Transaktionen durchführen. Im Allgemeinen gilt: Je größer das Unternehmen, desto häufiger und gründlicher ist das Audit.


Wenn sich die Einreichung eines Steuerpflichtigen verzögert, können die Steuerbehörden eine Geldbuße von bis zu 10% des veranlagten Steuerbetrags verhängen. Für Steuern mit einem festen Zahlungstermin wird jeden Monat eine Verzugsgebühr in Höhe von 1% der zu zahlenden Steuer hinzugefügt, wenn sie nicht rechtzeitig bezahlt wird.

Einzelheiten finden Sie in der Spalte Steuererklärung, um Ihr Steuerwissen zu beantworten.

Germany’s 2021 tax filing deadline is no longer July 31

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the federal government has adjusted the deadline for tax returns, and the deadline for filing tax returns in 2021 is no longer July 31.

Tax audits

German tax and auditing authorities can regularly conduct comprehensive tax audits of taxpayers and individuals, as well as special audits of specific taxes or specific transactions. In general, the larger the enterprise, the more frequent and thorough the audit.


If a taxpayer’s filing is delayed, the tax authorities may impose a fine of up to 10% of the assessed tax amount. For taxes with a fixed payment date, a late fee of 1% of the tax payable is added each month if it is not paid on time.

For more information, see Steuererklärung to answer your tax knowledge.







有关详细信息,请参阅 Steuererklärung 以回答您的税务知识。

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Prudential PLC Profit Climbed in 2018, Led by Asian Growth

Prudential PLC (PRU.LN) said Wednesday that its profit rose in 2018, led by increasing new business in Asia.
The insurance-and-investment business said its operating profit came to 4.83 billion pounds ($6.35 billion), rising 6% on a constant-currency basis from 2017. Net profit rose 30% to GBP3.01 billion.
New business profit in life insurance rose 11% in constant currency to GBP3.88 billion. Annual premium equivalent sales rose 1% to GBP6.80 billion on the same basis.
“In 2018, our financial performance, again led by our Asia operations, is testament to the scale of our opportunity set, the depth of our capabilities and our unrelenting focus on executing our strategy at pace,” Chief Executive Mike Wells said.
In Asia, new business profit rose 14% to GBP2.60 billion and annual premium equivalent rose 2% to GBP3.74 billion.
Prudential said it continues to make progress on the planned demerger of its U.K.-and-European business M&G Prudential, where operating profit rose 19%, boosted by changes to life-expectancy assumptions.
The company’s full-year dividend rose 5% to 49.35 pence a share. Prudential said its Solvency II surplus, a key measure of balance-sheet strength, stood at GBP17.2 billion at the end of the year, equivalent to a cover ratio of 232%.
Shares at 0850 GMT were up 0.4% at 1,535.50 pence.
source: Uk Insurance

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Currently content includes five parts

Currently content includes five parts:

Part 1: Information scrollbar

This part includes 5 information and pictures: learning savings, RRSP(Registered Retirement Savings Plan) contribution deadline March 2, 2015, what is 69% of Canadians have in common, the achievements in November 2014, the health investment.

Part 2: Articles

In this section published a lot of articles, divided into the most recent, most viewed, top rated. These articles include the services of wellness, family, money, working life, retirement, plans and coverage and resources to support other aspects.

Part 3: Questions from members

Here you can see a lot of questions from members. For example, some member what to know how to check the status of a submitted group medical or dental claim, some member what to know What is my group coverage or eligibility for a particular medical/dental expense, some user what to know how to change my investment fund lineup or transfer assets from one fund to another, and so on.

Part 4: Quick Poll

Now launched a quick poll: Have you made your RRSP contribution yet? And following provides 4 options:

    No, but I plan to make a last-minute contribution,

    Yes, I contribute all year,

    No, because I have other investments,

I wish I had money to invest.

You can view the results after make a choice.If you want to learn more about the registered retirement savings plans, you can watch the video.

Part 5: Sign in to My Sun Life and Download My Sun Life Mobile

After you enter your access ID and password, you can access your My Sun Life.Mobile phone is more and more popular now, so this website also provides a mobile My Sun Life.

pcfinancial teach you how to make money is a website dedicated to online banking services, after entering the site you can select the language category (English), then you can log in to the online banking to go, you can check your bank accounts、credit card、mortgages、investments、borrowing.

Now for the user to launch a private custom tour: January 30- February 28, Exclusively for PC Financial® MarstCard holders.

Next, the site provides users with some tips to make money. PC Financial team can help user make money smart, and make everyday simple and better. If you want to know more, you can click on Learn More. Do you want to know how to get free food? In fact, this is very simple. Every time you use your PC Financial MarstCard for purchases, you’re shopping your way to free food. It’s that easy and there’s no annual fee! In order to facilitate the daily deposit of users, launched a mobile cheque deposit. Through three steps, the user can easily complete the deposit:

1, Take a picture of the front and back of the cheque. Ensure that all four corners of your cheque are within the borders shown on the screen.

2, Enter the cheque amount and then select the account you want to deposit it into.

3, Tap "Submit", wait for confirmation, write "DEPOSITED" on the cheque and destroy it after five days. provides a whole new way to earn points: Earn even more PC points, just for buying the food you at a wide variety of stores here PC products are sold. If you want to know more, you can click on Learn More.

Teach you how to use is a very simple website. First is the welcome of a red font. Then you need choice your domain: student, staff or UGDSBED, and enter your windows user name and password, then you can sign in.

When you visit, you need to note is that if you are using a shared computer, please use the log out after each site. For more information or help with Google Apps for Educators, please visit UGCloud Support.

In the pages of a lowermost Read the Terms & Conditions and conditions by the terms and conditions, you can learn about your user name and password are the same, and will use all the policy and when users use according to their own school's code of conduct boot properly into the site. The site is limited to Guelph, Canada School Board incumbent staff and students, in addition to all access is strictly prohibited. Director of the Department of Education will control access to, and monitor student activities.

 In addition, all users Guelph, Canada School Board will indemnify and protect the innocent of the board of directors, its employees, officers, principals and agents from and against any accusations, claims, suits, losses, reward system of sanctions, as well as from the punishment any person to cause injury or property damage. In addition, Canada Guelph School Board will protect the use of this service suffered accusations.

In the final site attached Guelph, Canada School Board's address:500 Victoria Road N. Guelph, Ontario.N1E 6K2, telephone number: 519-822-4420 and email address: Through these connections easy and simple way users can link to the School Board of Guelph, Canada. instructions and tutorials

After entering, you can choose MasterCard categories: in the US, there are English gift cards, loyalty cards in English, Spanish card; there are two cards in English and French in Canada; Puerto Rico (located in the eastern islands of the West Indies) there are English and Spanish regions card two kinds of cards. When you select a card in the future, click enter, enter your card number to view the balance of payments and account balances, and browsing history.

 Click on the red icon to go to the next page for more information, such as the important thing, FAQs, Cardholder Agreement, contact information, and so on. If you need help, then you can contact and customer service representatives, telephone 1-800-680-5941,24 hour online service. MasterCard can relieve you of troubles when shopping and MasterCard with the new global e-commerce solutions that enable cardholders themselves on the Internet via a dedicated code verification, improve the security of online shopping. If you would like more information you can click over SecureCode. If you want to see the terms and gift cards to use, you can refer to the Cardholder Agreement. MasterCard Gift Card is issued by the bank Bancorp Company under the provisions of MasterCard International Inc., must have ITC Financial Licenses or IH Financial Licenses, depending on the country or region of the card is purchased.

Acceptance or use of the card, the cardholder must agree to be bound on with the cardholder agreement, expired cards will be replaced upon request, but the card funds never expire. The cards are available in the District of Columbia, the United States and accept MasterCard debit cards regions. On site service to customers in different regions offer different options, choose Master, you will no worries. detailed description description

When you enter to choose your card categories on the left is the card number at the beginning of 4263, beginning of 4729 is based on the right of the card number, click on (click here) you can enter.

If your card is the beginning of 4263, then select the left into the site, after entering you can manage your MasterCard prepaid card, first enter the card number and expiration date, so you can access your account and checking account balances. You can use the prepaid MasterCard in the world, you can freely use in the store, or you can use online. And after you buy the card can be used, did not have the information or credit checks, Cary funds never expire. You can do card points around you will be able to buy prepaid MasterCard. MasterCard prepaid cards in use in the process, if you have questions you can read the "Help" to be resolved, if not resolved in doubt, you can dial the phone call to customer service, customer service number you can find on your card.

If your card is the beginning of 4729, the selection on the right to enter the website, which is mainly related to the cardholder online account, on the left, enter your user name, password and verification code you can enter your online account. If you have forgotten your password, click on the lower left corner of the "Forgot Password?", Then follow the prompts to retrieve your password. If this is your first time using MasterCard cardholders online account, click on the lower left corner of the "Register Now" and then successfully registered your account in accordance with the appropriate prompt.