Thursday, February 05, 2015

Currently content includes five parts

Currently content includes five parts:

Part 1: Information scrollbar

This part includes 5 information and pictures: learning savings, RRSP(Registered Retirement Savings Plan) contribution deadline March 2, 2015, what is 69% of Canadians have in common, the achievements in November 2014, the health investment.

Part 2: Articles

In this section published a lot of articles, divided into the most recent, most viewed, top rated. These articles include the services of wellness, family, money, working life, retirement, plans and coverage and resources to support other aspects.

Part 3: Questions from members

Here you can see a lot of questions from members. For example, some member what to know how to check the status of a submitted group medical or dental claim, some member what to know What is my group coverage or eligibility for a particular medical/dental expense, some user what to know how to change my investment fund lineup or transfer assets from one fund to another, and so on.

Part 4: Quick Poll

Now launched a quick poll: Have you made your RRSP contribution yet? And following provides 4 options:

    No, but I plan to make a last-minute contribution,

    Yes, I contribute all year,

    No, because I have other investments,

I wish I had money to invest.

You can view the results after make a choice.If you want to learn more about the registered retirement savings plans, you can watch the video.

Part 5: Sign in to My Sun Life and Download My Sun Life Mobile

After you enter your access ID and password, you can access your My Sun Life.Mobile phone is more and more popular now, so this website also provides a mobile My Sun Life.

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